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Our political system is broken
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Many, if not all, of the key issues and top priorities for District 4 constituents and most San Diegans are not being adequately addressed under Council President Myrtle Cole's leadership. She is more concerned with what happens downtown than in her own district.

Our City needs elected officials who will stand up to the entrenched downtown power brokers and special interest groups, and fearlessly tackle San Diego’s top priorities of reducing homelessness, increasing street and sidewalk repairs, clean and safe water, and enhancing public safety.

Failed to help homeless

Homelessness is complex societal issue that requires expert knowledge and solutions-focused action, not politicians’ knee-jerk reactions. The City’s slow and insufficient approach to the Hepatitis A outbreak, that resulted in at least 20 deaths in 2017, is just one example of why San Diego needs a new crop of leaders who will act with urgency for residents’ best interest.

Council President Cole has promised to focus on the issue, but she helped divert millions of dollars to temporary shelter tents, instead of funding the real solutions to homelessness - affordable housing, mental health services, and job creation. And just this year, she used her power as Council President to delay a ballot measure that could have funded 7,500 affordable housing units. The future of desperately needed affordable housing  has been left hanging under her leadership.

Homeless encampment in front of Council President Cole's District Office.

Failed to attract businesses

Council President Cole said that attracting more grocery stores and restaurants to the community was one of her top priorities. However, during her term, she has managed to bring just one drugstore to the neighborhood. That is not enough.

In 2015, Council President Cole arranged a high profile Economic Development Bus Tour of Southeast San Diego together with Mayor Kevin Faulconer. She calls the tour a success, but why haven't we seen many new grocery stores, restaurants or retail as proof?

Failed to address racial profiling

The community deserves a representative who will engage and stand up for them in City Hall. Despite her promises to work on improving relations between the police and her constituents, Council President Cole has barely even tried.

She has not taken a serious look at the racial injustices that plague our city – including race-based profiling by the police department, racial disparities in public school suspensions, and race and ethnic inequalities in local housing and healthcare.

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